Self Reflection in Life Writing

by Ryan Tofil

I was fascinated and pleased with the wide array or life writing pieces we explored in class.  I felt everyone’s understanding and reactions to the pieces to be intriguing.  Through this course I continue to see and hear how much everyone continues to ‘question’ what is fiction or non-fiction in writing.  I wonder how much people did that say even 50 years ago.  Were things more cut and dry, at  least in the explanation of them, such as the way teachers relay the genres to schoolchildren?   Also fascinating are the ways in which things are now categorized in movies: Like, what really is the difference between: ‘A true story’ vs. ‘Based on a true story’ and  ‘Based on actual events’ vs. ‘based on true events.’  No matter, this class has opened me up to knowing that I am free to write, however I choose–even about an actual person or event.